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Do you want to change?

February 22, 2016

So short but yet long enough to make one wonder. So simple but yet intriguing enough to stir up one’s imagination. Any serious reader will find himself asking (many) questions to fully understand the story; for it seems the author carefully chose very few sentences to describe a massive and unprecedented event.

My mind was taken right to the scene when I stumbled over this sentence. The sound this story is talking about wasn’t that of a mighty rushing wind. It’s clearly stated it was “like” it. How did it sound like? I’ve heard–and I know you might have as well–sounds with an attached violent force before; but it made no difference in me. Rarely has it stopped me from what I was doing, let alone prompt me to follow its direction. But this one was different.

The story goes on to tell us that the sound “filled the entire house”. My mind got really challenged. How can a sound loud enough to alert an entire city “fill” a single small house? I don’t think it was an exaggeration on the author’s part that for the sake of emphasizing the loudness and violence of the sound he used the words “mighty rushing wind”.  It was really a ‘mighty’ sound for a multitude really gathered as a result of it–more than 3000 people gathered. What a sound?

As to the direction of the wind, we’re told that, contrary to the normal course of things (e.g. east to west), it came down from heaven. The coming and outpouring of the third person of the Trinity was, to say the least, powerful and majestic.

Change is what we all are looking for. We need change in so many aspects of our lives (emotional, relational, moral, financial, physical, mental, career…). If all these aspects need fixing then perhaps I don’t need a myriad of tweaks that do not go to the root of the issue, to the core of my being. I need a ‘new heart’; the kind of heart inhaling the new, fresh and life giving breath of God rather than the stench of death of my indwelling sin, a heart revived by God its maker.

Change, experienced by those who were in that ‘house’, is what was observed in that community after this event. The fear that paralyzed them changed into unusual boldness to spread the good news, unparalleled love and mercy and generosity followed as it dramatically changed the financial, relational and social understanding of the community–they shared, willingly, their possessions and there were no needy person in the community of believers. I know; it’s hard for us, entrenched in materialism that we are, to understand this movement.

It is true also that so many miracles (speaking foreign languages without previous training, healing the sick, raising the dead,…) were part of their experience as they witnessed to the death and resurrection of our Lord, but again, they also experienced, by the power of the same Spirit, inexplicable endurance and patience under persecution. They were strangely full of joy under such hardship and were full of peace and happiness.

Nothing else could explain the phenomenon; no mere human philosophy or therapeutic technique could bring about the bearing of the fruits of the death and resurrection of the Son of God in the lives of the first century church.

Is the Holy Spirit the only logical explanation of your life—as it was for the apostolic church? Would it change a single thing was the Spirit to relocate to heaven?

Prayer: You said, dear Father, that we should ‘ask’ and ‘knock’ at your door and so I come and bring to you, as a car driving to the garage of its maker, this weary soul of mine. Wallowing in the mire of sin is the only thing I can do, for no matter how much water of therapy is poured upon me, I end up returning to the old filth. Unless you send your spirit, I am lost and will be lost eternally. O Father you’re calling me to come, not to try harder or do better, but for refreshing times at the well of living water. Breathe on me, breath of God, breathe into my nostrils the very life of my savior…

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”
Luke 11:13


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