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Be different! Be yourself!

May 16, 2016

I watched an interesting interview on a popular YouTube channel in which a few transgender people invited viewers to witness the kind of discrimination they face on a daily basis because of who they are. The message was clear and simple; it was an invitation to accept them because the choices they made did not come easy; it took, as one said, serious reflection and soul searching to finally come to the conclusion that they had to be different to be the “most authentic version of themselves”.

For the LGBT community, people who do not accept them are intolerant for rejecting them for who they are—which is a kind of violation of basic human rights. Beside, as one of them asked, ‘who are you to impose your own morals to another human being?’

I later thought that this is a very complex question than I realized—or probably the other person too. The LGBT movement supposes that all human beings are created equal, which means that no one should come, supposing that they have a higher view of life, and impose their views on other people—which seems reasonable. But this logic alone has its pitfalls.

All around the world, we have people imposing their own morals on others. For instance, we know that all human beings are equal. Which is true. But all human beings do not think that way. Some suppose their ethnic group is better than others, for some it is a race issue, for others it’s the social class and still others think their religion is better than others and all those who do not adhere to their religion deserve to die… Dictatorship is evil. But the dictator and his entourage would not agree with this.

We believe the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and so democracy should be an absolute everywhere. But then again in a country with different ethnic groups, if the ethnic majority decides, it should be allowed to decimate the few. But we both know it is wrong. But somehow we deem it true that if need be, it is be totally right to wage war against totalitarianism and kill these extremists (and/or racists). Isn’t this imposing our morals on other people?

This prompts few other interesting and more basic questions that come to the root cause of the issue. Why do we hold the equality of all human beings as an absolute truth not to be violated by anyone? Where did it come from? Who said that? Why should we obey him? Well, everyone knows this but we don’t seem to be precise on how we know it is true and where it came from. It only seems right to us and it seems that it is the good thing to do. Furthermore, it works for us because a society built on the foundation of this truth flourishes in all kinds of ways. But the question remains, where did this objective truth (it’s sure isn’t subjective) come from?

What if this search for the origin of our morals (or the human rights) pointed us back to God, our creator? What if these were clues purposefully left around by God himself? It has to come from God—and not from our culture. It has to be God. If it isn’t God, what could it be? It can’t possibly come from us because, as Tim Keller puts it:

“If there’s no God, then there’s no way to say any action is ‘moral’ and another ‘immoral’ but only ‘I like this’. If that’s the case, who gets the right to put their subjective, arbitrary moral feelings into law?”

If God, as the one to establish the created order, is the ultimate origin of our morals then, He has a word on all our disputes—including the LGBT issue. He has established these morals and has written them all over our conscience. These laws were wisely established by Himself in his love, for they are designed for our enjoyment and well-being. He, as our creator, above all else, is in the best position to understand what our needs are.

Alas, we have abandoned him. Our search for identity and purpose doesn’t start from him anymore. It start from us and thus we’ve replaced him. We are the ones to decide who we want to be and how we want to live. As a consequence, although we do not realize it, our rebellion and pride towards him destroys the social fabric.

Paul, the apostle puts it so vividly in Romans 1:18-32. He has foreseen what has happened to our culture. He says that we already know there’s a God because we’re surrounded by evidence all over the place—we only have to look around and realize it. He adds that no one has an excuse. But we suppressed the truth and we claimed to be wise but instead, we became fools (Rom1:22). He then puts it so poignantly: “Therefore God gave them up…” (Something he repeats over three times). He gave them up in the lust of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies, to dishonorable passions (homosexuality and lesbianism), to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done, with all manner of unrighteousness…

I don’t have the space nor the expertise to deal in greater detail with the issue but one thing is clear to me: This moral revolution is proven to be morally bankrupt but at least on the positive side, it is pushing us to ask the most basic and urgent questions: who am I? How can I live well and authentically in the light of my identity? What is God’s design (if I indeed believe there’s a God) for my sexuality? What I’m really saying is that we can only start to find our true selves and our true meaning in the loving creator who desires nothing but our happiness—which can only be found in him.

“For you formed my inward parts;You knitted me together in my mother’s womb”
Psalm 139:13


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